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Science Club

Science Club

The Science Club was started in the year 2010, with an aim intended to invite many eminent scientists who would share their experience with the students and motivate them to get scientific knowledge. Activities are designed primarily to introduce students to undertake interesting/exciting science and technology projects.

The Science Club consists of a group of students who want to explore the many branches of engineering, mathematics, and science. The club is open to all students.     

The purpose of the Science Club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world amongst the college students and the local community. Also to develop your interest in science, to introduce you to a variety of scientific disciplines, and to develop skills in fieldwork, research, and project presentations.

Members will provide help as you develop your project and will be an audience when you practice oral presentation of your science project. Peer review is extremely useful.

Science Club is one of the largest clubs in our College. Our club is divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and General. Our club would like to arouse the Engineer’s interest in learning science, hence promoting their academic achievement in Science subjects. We also help Engineer’s to learn more about science outside their classroom and teach them how to apply their knowledge of science in their daily life through our activities.

It also aims at guiding the students to develop an independent, logical, and creative mind. The entire engineers can get the latest news about our club and day to days information about the science will be displayed on the notice board.

  • Stimulate interest in science activities among students.
  • Enable students to carry out self-directed activities in areas of interest in science.
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop initiatives and creativities.
  • To allow the students to develop and build their talents naturally.
  • To provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of Scientific knowledge in a vigorous way by broadening their scientific outlook.
  • To help the students in imbibing the habit of self-reliance, self- dependence and love for manual work
  • To create interest in the latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.
  • To create interest in scientific facts and events related to one’s surroundings




To encourage interdisciplinary research among students, faculty members, practicing engineers, and scientists in the areas of Energy, Transport, Information and Communications, manufacturing, and the environment.


  • Every Indian child actively engaged in seeing, doing, and understanding science.
  • To motivate youth in scientific research activities & to promote creative, innovative technologies.
  • Our next-generation deserves the opportunity of making our national pride as Inventors & scientists like Sir C.V.Raman, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Dr.A.P.J.abdulkalam, and Known for his crucial role in the development of India’s missile and nuclear weapons programs.


The mission is to ignite scientific curiosity in a future generation so that they:

  • Question intelligently
  • Learn through discovery
  • Connect scientific knowledge to their world
  • Consider a career in science.
  • Educational visit to important science-based companies
  • Organizing seminars and workshops, guest lectures
  • Organizing Science fair where science project is being executed.
  • Broaden the Information Technology of the members
  • Develop IT talents that can face global challenges.


 Meetings are intended to inform members of upcoming activities. Members can also bring up ideas for new activities. The club usually meets at least once a month and time convenient for the majority of the members. E-mail is sent to all members prior to the meeting and a summary of the discussion is sent out immediately after.