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Energy Club

Energy Club

Welcome to the RCET Energy Club, it serves as a resource for all students interested in energy and energy-related careers.



We are in a pivotal era when the growing energy requirements of global society far exceed its capacity to generate power without negatively impacting the environment. The ecological and economic consequences of not addressing this trend in the present are not well understood nor appreciated while the growing consensus is that we can no longer afford to ignore the issue without further compounding the problem. As the citizens of developing nations come to expect increased standards of living, it is ever more crucial that solutions are found and implemented which are compatible with both economic and environmental systems.

The RCET Energy Club seeks to:

  • Represent and promote the energy, cleantech, and environment-related industries at RCET.
  • Build a global energy & environment network for RCET students that bridges academia, government, and industry.
  • Increase the number of energy-related full-time and summer employment opportunities and offers and develop the next generation of leaders in the energy industry; and
  • Increase connections between RCET and the energy innovation ecosystem.


              The terms EC, Energy Club, and club shall be acceptable abbreviations for the “ANNA UNIVERSITY”.

Article I: Vision and Mission


We envision a world where society’s growing energy needs are adequately met while supporting our natural environment indefinitely into the future.


The mission of our club is to create opportunities for students to learn about the energy industry and explore related careers while advancing RCET relationships within the broader energy community. Currently, we focus on the following sectors

  • Renewables & Clean Tech (Wind, Solar, Biofuels, Energy Storage, Efficiency/Smart Grid, Transportation and EV)

Article II: Membership

  • Membership with the association is open to all.
  • Each membership term shall be for the duration of one year.
  • In the case of conflicts or errors, members and the executive should search for positive solutions and focus on what is best for the future of the club.
  • Disqualification of members should only be used when no other option is possible. However, if members act against the interests of the club, they can be disqualified.

Article III: Membership Dues

There is no membership fee.

Article IV: Executive Committee

The Executive is comprised of:

  • President (Final Year)
  • Vice President (Pre Final Year)

The Presidents are responsible for championing the energy club amongst the students, the academics, and the broader community. Through ongoing consultation with members and executives, they direct the club’s operations towards achieving the club’s mission and vision. They provide guidance and cohesion for the club’s activities and events while enhancing access to and visibility of the club’s activities on and off-campus.

  • Finance (Treasurer)

The Finance shall be responsible for all monies received and disbursed by the college office Energy Club and shall account for them according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

  • Events

 The Events is responsible for consulting with members and executives on potential activity or event topics, and for building relationships with partner organizations and guest speakers. In addition, the Events coordinates executive and volunteers for event organization and ensures event promotion.

  • Communications and Website

 The Communications and Website are responsible for the coordination of the club’s online presence through website media and mailing lists.

  • Industry and Careers

The Industry and Careers are responsible for developing and maintaining an outreach strategy to involve industry in energy club events and to promote industry events to members. Industry and Careers would also develop a sponsorship strategy with involved companies. Through the developed relationships with the industry, members would have the ability to network for possible job opportunities.

Article V: Advisory Council

The advisory council is composed of faculty, industry, and outgoing executive. The mandate of the council is to provide guiding advice on possible initiatives or event topics, to help new executives build relationships on and off-campus, and to act as a sounding board.

Three faculty advisor positions are reserved within our college. Three industry advisor positions are reserved for non-faculty leaders. It is expected that these represent a broad spectrum of individuals representing profit to non-profit organizations with interests in both renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

These advisors do not vote though enjoy the privilege of making suggestions and advising the executive.

Article VI: Committees

Committees are required to provide a monthly update to the Executive.

Article VII: Meetings

One annual general meeting will be held each year. All members will be notified two weeks prior to the meeting by circular.

Regular Executive meetings will be held on a semester basis, between September-April. All members have the right to attend such meetings.

Article VIII: Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments can be made to the constitution to better meet the needs of the membership. All changes must be presented to the membership two weeks prior to an Executive meeting. For a change in the constitution to occur, 2/3 of the membership must vote in favor of the changes in a referendum (held as an election), or 2/3 of Executive members for which positions are filled.

Article IX: Annual Update

For those requesting it, an annual update will be provided to alumni and any Club advisors such as faculty members or industry leaders detailing

  • Changes in Executive
  • Changes to the Constitution
  • Changes in membership numbers
  • Accomplishments of the Club in the previous year
  • Goals for the upcoming year
  • Financial data
  • New job titles or positions including promotions of members and advisors






Inception: October 2011

Last Update: January 2016

CLUB OFFICERS List: Download