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HOD Desk

Biotechnology is a specialized scientific area focused towards providing better quality of life. Engineering applications of Biotechnology caters to industries such as agriculture, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, environment, energy and health sector to name a few. In nutshell, Biotechnology makes use of natural biological process for the benefit of mankind.
The department of Biotechnology at RCET is offering B.Tech, Biotechnology with Anna University affiliation. The curriculum is well suited for the present day needs of the industrial sectors. The department has an excellent infrastructure with high quality classrooms, laboratories, auditorium and sophisticated research facilities. The R & D activities at the department are well integrated with its academic programs. High quality research is being carried out by the faculty members in the areas of Microbial Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Cancer Biology, Food Biotechnology, & Computer Aided Drug Design and Proteomics. The department has few MoUs with Industries and research labs like Liatris Biosciences LLP, Quantee Tech Pvt Ltd., Plantmill Tissue Culture Lab, etc.,
The teaching faculties are highly competitive, experienced with professional and academic qualifications. The faculty members have received research grants from various funding agencies and have contributed text books; book chapters several original research articles in high quality peer reviewed journals with high impact factors and citation index. Few of the faculty members are the editorial board members and reviewers for many international journals published by reputed publishers. The faculty members are the members of several professional and academic bodies and have received several research awards such as Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research, National Fellowship for Students of Other Backward Classes (OBC), Best paper and poster awards etc.
The students are encouraged to carry out in-house projects, attend seminars and conferences and also to publish their research findings in peer reviewed journals. They were received several best paper award and appreciations for the research work they presented in various reputed national and international conferences and symposium. The department is actively encouraging the students for intercollegiate cultural activities, arts and sports and our students have received several awards and appreciations. The department has also initiated to establish a professional scientific society, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) and our students are already members of professional societies like Society for Biological Engineering (SBE), International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES).

Teaching Faculty

S. No
Name of the Faculty
Dr. B. Gopal Samy
Associate Professor & Head
Dr. P. Selvakumar
Assistant Professor
Mrs. A. Bhuvana
Assistant Professor
Dr. Archana Rajendran
Assistant Professor


Since its inception in 2019, the Department of Biotechnology has been continuously making progress in Teaching and Research and Development activities. The Department was well equipped with state of the art infrastructure imparting students the best in terms of technology and facilities. Research activities at the Department are progressing in the areas of Biochemical Engg, Bioinformatics, Bioprocess Technology, Genetic Engineering, and Nanobiotechnology.
Each student of our Department is motivated to focus on a novel area to bring out his/her potential under the supervision of well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty team who has got the desire to impart high quality education to students with practical exposure. The students are stirred to research environment and motivated to present their work in various inter-collegiate events and conferences. The association of the department with various professional societies like BES go in front with the real time exposure to students in their field. MoU’s with various organizations for hands-on training in the field of interest makes them an expert in it.


Attaining new heights in Biotechnology research, shaping Biotechnology into a premier precision tool for the future for creation of a healthy society, ensuring social justice.


Publications in International/National Journals

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